When it comes to fashion our glam squad here at Visionary Glam is proficient in creating looks which function well on the runway and at creating looks for magazines. We strive on our ability to bring that it factor to make sure your look is one that will be remembered. 


Our glam squad here at Visionary Glam specializes in perfection. We provide makeup & hair to every style, age, and skin tone. We leave you picture perfect, and ready to work it. 


Calling all the stars. We are here to serve you. Our glam squad here at  Visionary Glam specializes in onscreen makeup. We get you ready for the big screen and bright lights. Our expertise range from magazines, film, high fashion, theatre, and run way.


      The expert makeup team at  Visionary Glam is lead by Nereida who loves creating beautiful experiences for her clients. Rather you need  onscreen, bridal, fashion, or runway, our team will be there every step of the way. Our motto is to make sure every moment with us is an experience that our clients will forever have in their heart.​ 

       "I believe that what makes my work standout from others is the passion and creative Artistry that I put into each hair sculpture I create. Individually every piece of artwork I create from an updo or makeup application, to a custom color or cut, each are tailored from a double vision...the vision of my clients mixed with my vision. Visionery Glam ensures to provide you with the end result you envisioned from the beginning".

Tel: 786-234-5516

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